Your South African BCP and DR Partner

                                                      Your South African BCP and DR Partner

About Us

Continuity Solutions has been providing BCP & DR solutions to clients in KZN since 2004. We are the only ISO 22301 certified BCP & DR company in KZN.

Our state of the art facilities are unlike any other BCP and DR company in South Africa. 

We are the only BCP & DR company that can guarantee 100% uptime to our clients.

Our Clients include some of the biggest names in South African business and our discretion in this regard is what separates us from any of our competitors.

We operate out of one of the most secure sites in South Africa. 

Our facilities are both ISO and PCI compliant.

BCP ISO22301 Consulting

BCP ISO22301 Consulting


Continuity Solutions is an ISO 22301 certified consulting firm that offers clients BCP & DR solutions. 

This is the first step in implementing a proper functional BCP & DRP

Continuity Solutions is one of the leading ISO 22301 certified business continuity and disaster recovery company's.

Continuity Solutions is a total Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) service provider with locally and internationally recognised standards.

Our Professional Service division offers BCP and DRP consulting or reviewing existing Business Continuity Plans.

A Business Continuity Plan is for anyone who is serious about business and the long term survival of their business.

DR Seating

DR Seating

DR HOT Seats 

Continuity Solutions has disaster recovery HOT seats that are fully configured with a desk, chair, IP phone with voice recording, internet breakout and a state of the art PC. 

We also offer DR HOT seats without the PC for mobile users.

Our state of the art highly redundant facility offers our clients 100 % uptime. 

Our Disaster recovery seating provides our clients a facility that they can recover their business from. In conjuction with our highly redundant tier 3 vendor neutral 1000m2 data center our clients have a site that is the office away from the office. Having their data backed up on the same site as their DR hot seats makes recovery fast and seamless.

The facility is designed to make your recovery a fast recovery, thereby reducing down time and ultimately saving your company in potential lost revenue.

Data Center

Data Center

Rack Space

Continuity Solutions is fortunate to be on the same site as Teraco's tier 3 vendor neutral data center in KZN.

Continuity solutions can provide any client any size solution that they may need, from 1 U to as many cabinets as your solution requires. 

We can tailor a data center solution for any size company.

Our data center offers clients 100% uptime.

Connectivity & Hosted solutions

Connectivity & Hosted solutions

Hosted Solutions

In todays ever-changing BCP / DRP environment we offer complete flexibility.

Continuity Solutions has the ability to provide virtual machines either for Business Continuity / back up or for primary use. We can provision hardware on any platform.

We are able to spin up a virtual machine / machines to accommodate the both simple and complexed hosted solutions.

We are in a very fortunate position of being inside Teraco's data center in KZN and through this we are able to provide the widest range of hosted solutions to our clients. 


Hosted servers, Hosted Mail, Hosted dialers. The range of products we have available is endless.



From basic connectivity through to complex MPLS solutions, national long haul, or just local point to point fibre. We can provision connectivity through any of the local carriers in SA.

We can provision connectivity on any network at any time, all the connectivity is within our Durban data center and is just an interconnect cable away.